Human Induced Climate Change

Author: Michael E. Schlesinger
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781139467964
Size: 10.99 MB
Format: PDF
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Bringing together many of the world's leading experts, this volume is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art review of climate change science, impacts, mitigation, adaptation, and policy. It provides an integrated assessment of research on the key topics that underlie current controversial policy questions. The first part of the book addresses recent topics and findings related to the physical-biological earth system. The next part of the book surveys estimates of the impacts of climate change for different sectors and regions. The third part examines current topics related to mitigation of greenhouse gases and explores the potential roles of various technological options. The last part focuses on policy design under uncertainty. Dealing with the scientific, economic and policy questions at the forefront of the climate change issue, this book will be invaluable for graduate students, researchers and policymakers interested in all aspects of climate change and the issues that surround it.

Terrestrial Water Cycle And Climate Change

Author: Qiuhong Tang
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781118971765
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The Terrestrial Water Cycle: Natural and Human-Induced Changes is a comprehensive volume that investigates the changes in the terrestrial water cycle and the natural and anthropogenic factors that cause these changes. This volume brings together recent progress and achievements in large-scale hydrological observations and numerical simulations, specifically in areas such as in situ measurement network, satellite remote sensing and hydrological modeling. Our goal is to extend and deepen our understanding of the changes in the terrestrial water cycle and to shed light on the mechanisms of the changes and their consequences in water resources and human well-being in the context of global change. Volume highlights include: Overview of the changes in the terrestrial water cycle Human alterations of the terrestrial water cycle Recent advances in hydrological measurement and observation Integrated modeling of the terrestrial water cycle The Terrestrial Water Cycle: Natural and Human-Induced Changes will be a valuable resource for students and professionals in the fields of hydrology, water resources, climate change, ecology, geophysics, and geographic sciences. The book will also be attractive to those who have general interests in the terrestrial water cycle, including how and why the cycle changes.

Influence Of Climate Change And Human Induced Environmental Degradation On Lake Victoria

Author: Julius B. Lejju
Publisher: African Books Collective
ISBN: 9789994455676
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Lake Victoria basin, an international water body that offers the riparian communities a large number of important benefits, has in the last four decades experienced drastic environmental changes, with a significant drop in its water level in the more recent years. The changes in water level have significantly affected the energy supply in the region and threatened the lives of the riparian population engaged, directly and indirectly, in subsistence and commercial fishing, and the agricultural and industrial sectors. The reduction in lake levels has attracted conflicting speculation. Environmentalists attribute it to reduced rainfall experienced in the East African region, while hydrologists blame it on environmental degradation and excessive water release through the operations of the Kiira-Nalubale hydroelectric power dams at Jinja. This research provides evidence of long-term environment changes in Lake Victoria and a contribution to the understanding of the past environmental conditions in the lake basin. It provides the history of human environment interactions, including the possible cause for the dynamics of the lake levels, giving possible options that can help to remedy and/or mitigate the environmental degradation in the region.

Climate Change

Author: John T. Hardy
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 0470850183
Size: 12.43 MB
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Human-induced climate change is a serious concern, drawing increasing attention from the media, policy makers and citizens around the world. This comprehensive and thought-provoking volume explains in easily understandable language the potential effects of climate change on our planet and our lives. Climate Change: Causes, Effects and Solutions examines the latest scientific findings without any advanced technical knowledge. It goes beyond a description of changes in the physical environment to consider the broader issues of ecological, economic and human effects of climate change. The book explains: the causes and effects of climate change from a natural and human environment perspective. mitigation options and policies that could reduce the impacts of climate change. global impacts - with case studies are taken from North America, Europe, Australasia and elsewhere. Essential reading for undergraduates and general readers who want to heighten their knowledge and understanding of this important problem.

Climate Change Impacts On Human And Ecological Health In Germany

Author: Stefan Krauss
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 9783638341769
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Essay from the year 2004 in the subject Environmental Sciences, grade: HD, Murdoch University (ISTP - Institute for Sustainability and Technology Policy), course: Ecology, Society, and Human Health, 31 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: In these days, global climatic changes that can be observed are rooted in human activities. The prevailing carbon-based economy makes issues like heating and electricity, population growth and industrialisation, transportation and mobility, over-consumption and globalisation the main contributors of emission of greenhouse gases, with the consequence (among others) of global warming, and thus a changing climate. These global changes have heightened awareness that the health of populations depends on the stability and functioning of the biosphere’s ecological, physical, and socio-economic systems. The world’s climate system is an integral part of the complex web of life-supporting processes. Climate and weather have always had a powerful impact on human health and well-being. But like other large natural systems, the global climate system is coming under pressure from human activities. Global climate change is, therefore, a newer challenge to ongoing efforts to protect human health. This essay examines the mentioned connectedness of human behaviour and the natural world. More specifically, it deals with the global issue of human induced climate change and its impacts on ecological health and human health , focusing on Germany. Following on from this, global and German mitigation policies are introduced and the health benefits are outlined. The starting point marks a brief discussion of the link between greenhouse gases and climate change. In connection with the issues of the ′greenhouse effect′ and ′climate change′, stratospheric ozone depletion is often also discussed. Undoubtedly, stratospheric ozone depletion has impacts on ecological and human health, however it is left out of consideration in this essay due to the word limit, and to the complexity of its relationship to the greenhouse effect and climate change. [...]

Climate Change Biology

Author: Lee Hannah
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 9780127999234
Size: 11.69 MB
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Climate Change Biology, 2e examines the evolving discipline of human-induced climate change and the resulting shifts in the distributions of species and the timing of biological events. The text focuses on understanding the impacts of human-induced climate change by drawing on multiple lines of evidence, including paleoecology, modeling, and current observation. This revised and updated second edition emphasizes impacts of human adaptation to climate change on nature and greater emphasis on natural processes and cycles and specific elements. With four new chapters, an increased emphasis on tools for critical thinking, and a new glossary and acronym appendix, Climate Change Biology, 2e is the ideal overview of this field. Expanded treatment of processes and cycles Additional exercises and elements to encourage independent and critical thinking Increased on-line supplements including mapping activities and suggested labs and classroom activities.